Simon, along with his partners at Vega Factor, is on a mission to unlock human potential at scale, to build the world's most adaptive organizations, and to fundamentally upgrade the tools and techniques we use to build great cultures.

Simon is an expert in leadership and capability-building, who understands what it really takes to unlock innovation, culture and collaboration in large organizations. He is also a gifted facilitator who helps clients navigate the complex behavioral aspects and methodologies involved in building sustainable culture and capability programs. He has worked with businesses all around the world - including Pfizer, Disney, Four Seasons, Unilever, Google, BP and Citi.

Simon’s background is management consultancy. After gaining a degree in Psychology, he began his career with Accenture where he specialized in organization development, before moving to a boutique change management consultancy called 7days.

He was then with ?What If! from 2005 to 2014, leading teams in London, New York and São Paulo. He held multiple leadership roles while at ?What If!, including Client Development Leader, Transformation Practice Leader and Brazil Business Leader. He then spent 2 years as a Partner at The Rise Group, where his work focused on helping organizations define and activate their ideal culture.

Simon is an accomplished key-note speaker who is highly skilled at inspiring and engaging any audience that seeks to become better. He loves adventure and travels to far-flung destinations whenever humanly possible. He lives in Brooklyn NY.